Please read our terms and conditions before using this site all bookings are made with us Praya Tour De Lombok Online, by booking a accommodations, transports, trips and tours with us you are deemed to have agreed to these booking conditions which constitutes the entire agreement between you and us and your booking will be accepted by us on this basis. The services to be provided are those referred to in your booking confirmation invoice.


Dates, itineraries and prices are valid from 01 March 2017 until 31 March 2018 except for flight. Beyond 31 December 2017 dates, itineraries and prices are indicative only.


You are required to pay a Non-Refundable deposit of 25% total prices for your reservation to be confirmed by us please note that increased deposit requirements apply for some trips, tours, flight, fast boat, hotel etc. If your booking is made within 21 days of the departure date then the full amount is payable at the time of booking.


If we accept your booking we will issue a confirmation invoice. A contract will exist between us from the date we issue the confirmation invoice or if you book within 21 days of departure the contract will exist when we accept your full payment. Please refer to your booking confirmation invoice for details regarding final payments. Payment of the balance of accommodations, transports, trips, tours price is due 21 days before the departure date. Please note that full payment is required earlier for bookings. If this balance is not paid on or before the due date we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled.

Payment can be made using your credit card through PayPal Online Payment System. We will send you the booking code / details and PayPal link for payment process after your reservation confirmed.

Note : Additional 4% will be added to the total amount for PayPal fee, otherwise PayPal will automatically deduct from the total amount. This fee is not part of what you pay to us, but it goes to PayPal.


Beneficiary Name : SDR MESIP
Account No : 027 429 85 60


In order for us to confirm your travel arrangements you must provide all requested details with the balance of the price. Necessary details include, Full Name as per valid ID / Passport, Salutation ( MR / MRS. / MS. / MISS. / MASTER ), Date Of Birth, Nationality, Passport Number, Passport Issue and Expiry Date, and any pre-existing medical conditions you have which may affect your ability to complete your travel arrangements. Your booking cannot be confirmed without provision of these details.


If you cancel some or all portions of your booking cancellation fees will apply.A cancellation will only be effective when we receive written confirmation of the cancellation. If you cancel a trip:
- Cancellation recieved 21 Days prior to departure is subject to 25% of cancellation fee from total price.
- Cancellation recieved 14 Days prior to departure is subject to 50% of cancellation fee from total price.
- Cancellation recieved 07 Days prior to departure is subject to 75% of cancellation fee from total price.
- Cancellation recieved 03 Days prior to departure, late arrived or No-show is subject to 100% of cancellation fee from total price.

Please note that for certain travel arrangements the cancellation charge maybe higher than those shown. In certain cases a 100% cancellation fee applies as soon as the booking is made and the ticket/voucher is issued. Please ask for full details of cancellation charges at time of booking. If you leave a trip / tour for any reason after it has commenced we are not obliged to make any refunds for unused services.

Issued flight e-tickets can only be refunded or changed in certain conditions and certain classes. If a ticked can not be refunded or changed, we will inform you about this after selecting the flight and class. Most refunds are, however, still partial refunds, varying from 25% to 100% of the basic ticket price.

Please be advised that when you ask for a refund, we have additional fees to do so. Also, any payment fees to the party that processes the payment will not be refunded if you ask for a refund. When the refund is initiated by the airline (for example in case of cancelation of flight) you will be refunded the paid amount exclusive of any payment fees. You will not be charged additional fees for processing refunds initiated by the airline.

Refunds for flight tickets that have not been issued yet should be claimed as soon as possible after your payment has been made as we see a payment as an okay from you to issue the e-tickets that have been arranged for in that reservation. Since we normally issue tickets as soon as we receive the payment, we can not guarantee that we can refund the payment before we issue the tickets.

Refunds are only carried out to the same account as where the full payment was made from, but exceptions can be made if that payment method is not available anymore at the time of the refund.


We may cancel a trip at any time up to 14 days before departure, subject to clause. We may cancel a trip at any time prior to departure if, due to terrorism, natural disasters, political instability or other external events it is not viable for us to operate the planned itinerary. If we cancel your trip you will receive a full refund. In circumstances where the cancellation is due to external events outside our reasonable control, refunds will be less any unrecoverable costs. We are not responsible for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your booking including but not limited to visas, vaccinations, travel insurance excess or non-refundable flights.


Optional activities not included in the trip price do not form part of the trip or this contract. You accept that any assistance by our representative in arranging optional activities.


- Pregnant women.
- People with back and heart problem or other physical impediments.
- Infant not recommended for this trip. However if the parents insist, they must complete a Disclaimer letter releasing the Company name and all its officers and /or employees, agents from negligence and any further legal action by any Party, prior to the trip commencement.


Re-schedule is base on seats availability and should be made 3 days prior to departure for regular season and 7 days prior to departure for high season.


Company Name is a point to point carrier and we do not take responsibility for any delays or connecting flight.
NOTE : Please ALWAYS pay attention for the connecting flight, especially on the way back to Bali before you make any reservation. We suggest to return 1 day before the flight.
Due to the bad weather, technical factors or any unavoidable circumstances, there maybe delay to departure or sudden cancellation without prior notice.
For the return traveler, reconfirmation the availability seats to us at least 24 hours before the return departure, IS A MUST


Each passenger is entitled to a maximum of 2 pieces luggage carried free of charge, not exceeding a total weight of 20kg. we reserves the rights to check contents of any baggage, and to refuse baggage items. The company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to luggage during transit.


Transportation is provided free of charge to/from a specific address in designated areas of Bali only. This address must be specified at the time of booking and cannot be changed. Our drivers are under strict instruction to refuse to take passengers to more then one location. Drop off destination in Bali may not be changed after departure.


In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms with their explanations are used. The team behind the website Praya Tour De Lombok Online that processes reservations and bookings of e-tickets.


The customer is responsible for correctly submitting their details and other information on the website. Submitting incorrect information may lead to the refusal of the airline to carry you, extra fees for correcting the e-ticket, or even cancellation of your ticket. Your email address will be used for communication purposes only, and will not be passed on to any third party.

The customer is responsible for making a full payment before the e-tickets will be processed and issued by Ticketing. Reservations made will only be converted into e-tickets that passengers can use to fly after full payment has been received. The customer is aware that certain payment methods offered by us need some time to process. The customer is always advised to check the ticket they have received and contact us immediately if you think we have made an error or something is not entirely clear.


The reservation, availability and booking information will only be used as a guidance by the customer and can not be used as confirmation of booking before Ticketing will have informed the customer about the reservation made. Information on the status page is as accurate as possible, but issued e-tickets will prevail over all other information given at any time during the booking process. Ticketing will do their best to serve the customer to reserve and book e-tickets for customers and process bookings and e-tickets as good as possible within, but not limited to, the office hours of Ticketing.

The customer is always advised to check the ticket they have received and contact us immediately if you think we have made an error or something is not entirely clear. Ticketing is responsible for costs that arise for changes to a ticket that is not in accordance to the reservation of the customer until 60 days before scheduled check-in. After this period, Ticketing will not take any responsibility for any costs made. Ticketing is not responsible in any way of not being able to process payments that are made by third parties.

Ticketing is not responsible for incorrect information at the website, but will do everything it can to provide correct information to the customer as far as is known at the time. The information offered on the website is only an indication.


Force majeure includes, but is not limited to, the computer systems not being available to complete a booking for the customer. Examples of force majeure: not being able to access the website, the booking system of the airline, the system of the agent, the email-account of Ticketing, a bad Internet connection, the staff being unavailable. If in case of force majeure Ticketing is not able to process your booking, Ticketing will not be responsible for damages caused in any way. If the customer has already made a full payment and Ticketing is not able to turn your reservation into a definitive booking, Ticketing will take care of a refund of the full payment, without interest, made within seven times 24 hours. Refund will occur to the same account and using the same system as the initial payment to us.


The prices displayed on the Websites are an average per night per person until a rate is selected. Any meals, service or VAT (at the prevailing rate) are included only if specified. A minimum length of stay, deposit, cancellation charge and other conditions may apply to certain rates, as specified. Once a rate is selected on the Websites, the total for your requested stay shall be displayed on the reservation summary. Prices shall be charged in the local currency of the Hotel and any currency conversion facility is provided as an approximation tool only, please refer to the Currency Disclaimer for more details.

Price lists for additional items, such as restaurant meals and room service, are on display at relevant locations within the Hotel and are available on request. All children (a person under 16 years of age) staying at the Hotel must be accompanied by an adult and must be supervised by an adult at all times.

The standard of accommodation and other services are based on various factors, which are generally accepted as indicative of a certain class, however, we do not represent or guarantee the standard, class, or fitness for purpose of that accommodation or service.

We does not accept any liability of whatever nature for the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent of otherwise, of those airlines, shipping companies, hoteliers or other persons providing services in connection with your tour pursuant to a contract between them and yourselves and over whom we have no direct and exclusive control, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or other events which are beyond our control, or which are not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part including, but not limited to war, civil disturbance, fire, floods, acts of god, acts of government or of any other authorities, accident or failure of machinery or equipment or industrial action.


If you wish to transfer from one trip to another or transfer your booking to a third party you must notify us at least 30 days prior to the proposed departure date. A fee of $150 per person per change will apply (in addition to any charges levied by hotels, ground operators or airlines). If you notify us less than 30 days prior to the proposed departure date the refund policy applicable to cancellations will apply. Transfers to a third party are only permitted where the transferee meets all the requirements in relation to the trip, and transfers to another departure can only be made to a departure within the current validity period. Amendments to any other arrangements made in conjunction with your trip will incur an $100 administration fee per booking per change. This fee is in addition to any charges levied by hotels, ground operators or airlines. No amendments are permitted to your booking within 10 days of departure.


You must carry a valid passport and have obtained all of the appropriate visas, permits and certificates for the countries during your trip. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond the duration of the trip. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of the correct visas, permits and certificates for your trip; please refer to the Trip Notes for details. We are not responsible if you are refused entry to a country because you lack the correct passport, visa or other travel documentation.


You appreciate and acknowledge that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and you should allow for alternatives. The itinerary provided for each trip is representative of the types of activities contemplated but it is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events.


If you have a complaint about your trip please inform us or your tour leader or our local representative at the time in order that they can attempt to rectify the matter. If satisfaction is not reached through these means then any further complaint should be put in writing to us within 7 days of the end of the tour.


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