Lombok At Glance - General Information. Lombok island is located east of Bali. Lombok Often touted as the next Bali, Lombok offers its own unique version of Indonesian culture and society at a much slower pace than its more popular neighbour to the west. In Lombok, there are certainly similarities to Indonesia other islands, such as volcanoes, beautiful beaches, clear warm waters, jungle terrain and plenty of traditional villages which have yet to be grossly modernised. However, the low-key character of Lombok tourism means that visitors need to do more of the legwork to find the really special sights on this island. The islands major highlights, like the 12,000 foot Rinjani volcano and beach resorts at Senggigi and Kuta are already well into the tourism development phase, making them popular destinations. Yet conditions rarely reach what could be considered overcrowded and even at the peak of Lombok high season, you will find far fewer tourists than on neighbouring Bali. Most visitors come to Lombok to enjoy the warm weather and lovely beaches. Swimming, snorkelling, diving and surfing are all big activities here, and the sublime Gili Islands just offshore provide even more tropical splendor without the hustle and bustle of other Asian beach resorts.

People & Religion

Population is about 2,5 million. The local inhabitants of Lombok are called Sasaks who make up 70% of the population are the predominant group with Balinese, Chinese, Arabian, and Javanese and other ethnics groups making up the rest. Bahasa Indonesia is the National Language, but English is widely spoken.

<img border="0" data-cke-saved-src="images/rinjani.jpg" src="images/rinjani.jpg" alt="lombok" traditioanl="" people="" and="" house"="" width="303" height="194" align="right">Lombok has three main districts with three capital cities: Mataram in the west, Praya in central and Selong in east Lombok. The majority of commerce is in the capital city of Mataram in west Lombok.

Islam is the majority religion, but all other religions are practiced freely. Every Friday around 12.30 noon, Muslims go to the mosques just like Christians go to church on Sunday.

you are planning on traveling around the island and visiting small villages it is more respectable to wear slacks or knee length shorts, a shirt with sleeves or a sarong. If you happened to be here during Ramadan, which is the Muslim month of fasting from sunrise to sunset, please do not to eat, drink or smoke out in the open public during this month long fast. Even though the people don’t seem bothered in the common tourist areas like, Senggigi and the Gili islands, it is better to respect the people and not eat or smoke openly.Details

Lombok Event & Festival Gendang Beleq Festival The Gendang Beleq Dance is one of Lombok famous local dances. it is so named because the musicians beat a huge (beleq) drum (gendang) that set the well defined Lombok rhythm to which the dancers perform. in the olden days this dances was performed to say goodbye to soldiers heading for the battlefield and again when they were welcomed home. this dance whit it is distinct sound is now performed to welcome important guest.
Stick Fighting Festival. Manhood and heroism is a total criteria are shown into a game called Perisean. The fighter called Pepadu use a stick as a tool to fight and perisae which made of Cows skin as a shade to protect themselves from getting hurt.Details
Things To Take Back Home

Wanting to take back something from Lombok? Lombok has great woven textiles like songkets and ikats that can be used as a sarong, wall hanging, table cloth and more. The design woven is special to each weaver and it is passed down through the generations before. There is a traditional hand weaving village in Puyung, central Lombok. You can even try on a traditional Sasak costume. ne of the things that will not be forgotten during the holidays and the like are required to buy souvenirs and gifts. It is an activity that should not be left behind when traveling. do not miss it when you are holiday to Lombok, visit Banyumulek a village that is one of the centers of the pottery industry in Lombok and is located in the district of Kediri regency of West Lombok, With Area approximately 4. 21 ha, with a population of 10,347 people and more than 80% of the pottery for a living. Also Sukarara is the center of the manufacture of woven fabrics or more commonly referred to as songket. Hunting for souvenirs typical Lombok songket as much here. Songket is a woven fabric made with the technique of adding threads, ornaments made by inserting a silver thread, gold thread or yarn over lungsi. Sukarara is the name of a village about 15 minutes from the southern city of Mataram, precisely located in Jonggat district, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

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