About Praya Tour

We are strong distinguished travel agent online through providing quality services to serve people and goods around the world with high hospitality.

Praya Tour de Lombok Online is the best innovative travel agent specialised in Bali - Lombok - Gili - Flores & Komodo Island. We specially explore untouch Island and promote lesser known destinations as well. We love to design individually tailor-made tour and customised packages for groups and individuals. Our each trip is well organised and handled by highly professionals teams.

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Travel Experience

We have personally been to and experienced the tourist destinations, hote, Villa, resorts and ships. Our first-hand travel experience allows us to offer you insider advice and suggestions. We also have several years of travel industry experience and have planned and booked leisure vacations and business trips for hundreds customers. Details


When you book with us, we are there for you throughout your journey. If the unexpected occurs, we will rebook your flights and make new travel arrangements. No online travel booking site can offer you this kind of service. Details

Save Time & Money

We save you the time of researching the details and searching online for hours for the best prices. Our travel industry relationships allow us to offer special amenities and pricing you won't find online. Details

Personalized Service

We listen to your travel preferences and will provide you with a personalized vacation experience. Details

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision : A strong distinguished Travel Agent through providing quality services to serve people around the world with high hospitality.

Our Mission : Become a top travel agent of Indonesia that promotes Indonesia to the world, supporting national economic development by delivering professional services.

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Mr. John Anderson


Great Experience in indonesia. I had the pleasure of coming across No Limit Adventures a while ago whilst looking for an authentic experience for my first trip to Lombok. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Everything was delivered to our precise specifications. The team was very engaging with the group. Overall, this was a 5-star experience. I will tell others.

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our Tips


Although Lombok is a safe and stable place, these our tips may help you as long as your journey to Lombok, Gilis & Bali island:

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Here are our tips to ensure you get the most from your Lombok experience, whether you are a backpacker or a luxury holidaymaker.

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